Quality Label

Fleurs de Soleil is the tradename identifying the quality label for the Bed and Breakfast in France

the general conditions for approval are contained in the QUALITY CHARTER all hosts, selected after visits, agree to abide.

Three main features stand out::

1) the right environmental conditions and comfort (private bathroom)

2) hosts live in the house, their rooms reflect their personality

3) the focus is on the warm welcome and the time devoted to visitors

there is never more than 5 rooms

It is therefore not only of rooms in a private house but home stays

ISO 9001

it is a GUARANTEE of QUALITY of the HOME

For the first time in Europe, a network is certified for Bed and Breakfast :

Fleurs de Soleil, created in 1997, won in 2002 the ISO quality certification issued by an official agency, AFAQ, and renewed every year since.

The Network is well recognized and appreciated by all tourism stakeholders: institutions, advocacy organizations and of course tourists.

What is guaranteed is the ability to Fleurs de Soleil to:

* Assessing the ability of owners of cottages to meet the requirements of quality accommodation and hospitality.
* Ensure a permanent control of this ability.