Answers to common questions

Informations on this site

Where arriving messages sent from the contact form of the house?

They arrive directly in the letter box of the guest house who can answer quickly this way. There is no intermediary and no commission.

How a house appears on the site?

Only the guest houses that have received the quality Label "Fleurs de Soleil" are on the site ; for more information, click on "obtain the label"

The network "Fleurs de Soleil" and its quality label

An association for a label

The association "Les Maisons d'Amis en France" is an association without a lucrative aim. Founded in 1997 by hosts worried about the existence of an independent organization which could at the same time, define the values of a pleasant welcoming, defend their interests and promote their accommodation.

In our land, where the activity of the guest house grows quickly, it becomes more and more difficult to be isolated. Being incorporated at the network "Fleurs de Soleil" offers many advantages. The guest house is definite unambiguously :

  • What it is not : not a renting of furnished tourism, not a masked hotel business
  • What it is : the welcoming in his own house, offering a night accommodation with the breakfast, possibly for the evening guest dinner, and it doesn't matter if it is at the country, the mountain, the seaside or in the city, while the house and the surroundings are.

Wherein this network is certificated ISO 9001 ?
The quality charter of "Fleurs de Soleil" (available here in PDF)

put the emphasis on the quality of the welcoming. The delivery and the monitoring of the label are certificated ISO 9001vs2008 by AFNOR/AFAQ, the only network in France who deserve this official distinction. The insurance of the quality is gained by :

  • an audit at the time of the inscription of new members, by a visit supervised by an official member
  • a permanent following of the quality of the guest houses by the analysis of the formulary "Your opinion" filled by the visitors

Is it an accepted label ?

The network (around 600 houses nowadays) is one of the four national organizations representative of the activity for the French government. "Fleurs de Soleil" has an important role at the level of ministerial, with the idea of helping the host with taking simple and acceptable decisions. "Fleurs de Soleil" is acknowledged by the Tourism administration : government, departments (in France a department is an administrative unit of the State with some authority), countries, tourist information office, for whom to have an official quality label become more and more an obligation.

How can I know my rights and my obligations in a guest house ?

The handbook for the guest houses is regularly updated. At this way, our members are never lost in front of work rules generated by their activity in a lot of fields : insurances and responsibilities, attitudes face to particular situations, relations with some public services, the indirect rights, the competition, the frauds repression, the social offices, the public treasure (taxations..), the civil protection, the health corporation...

How be known in his region ?

The organization of the representative structure in every department allow every owner of guest houses to have an help of a local members network, where each one know the other, and they are all known by organize of tourist promotion, as the Departmental Commission, the Communal Commission, the welcoming country and the tourist offices.

How be known to the whole world's tourists ?

In January 1998, "Fleurs de Soleil" has put the site www.fleursdesoleil.fr (and its English version www.french-guesthouse.com) into operation, a site which has quickly become a reference for guests of the whole world. Informations are regularly updated by an effective team. Get in contact with a host is fast and in real time, the answer is immediate and free (no intermediary), what is a wish of the visitor in guest houses.